Abi Issa Nehme

Since the early years of my life, I have been passionate about helping those in need.

I lived the first seven years of my life overseas and I recall always asking my mother for money to give to those struggling on the streets. Then when I was 12 years old, I would often visit the local nursing home alongside the angelic nuns of the St Maroun’s Monastery by entertaining and feeding the elderly.

As soon as I got my first job I jumped at the opportunity to sponsor two beautiful children from Africa. Since then I have been involved in fundraising for many charities.
The next blessing in my life was the opportunity to work with children with special needs at the humble Kids Clinic. It was here I realised my calling. This place was a platform where I could express kindness, generosity and compassion towards those in need in my community.

Today, more than ever, I know the hardship of being a primary carer for a loved one. I was such for my mother until she lost her battle with cancer. It was a time where I felt alone, scared and worried.

Hence this is the reason why I want to embrace and empower every single carer, father, mother and family who care for a loved one with a serious illness or who have special needs.
I would feel blessed to be your voice. You are not alone.

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